I am always honored when my work inspires performers to new and exciting levels. Pablo Amira's book builds upon reliable principles and expands them into new useful effects that can be performed anywhere. Much of it will look like real Mind Reading or hypnotic influence. My kind of thinking!" 
Kenton Knepper

Price: $30

Can you show us something?
No sorry... I dont have my props with me...


NO! Learn techniques, ideas and routines that you can use in ANY situation to create deep moments of mysterious entertainment with "Anywhere Mentalism"
You dont need anything other object that the information in this book.

Borrowed unprepared items
No setup
Simple approach
Effective results!

Chapter I: Anywhere Effects

Time for weird things: 2 watches. Synchronicity and Mindreading
Chronoincidence: One participant thinks of a time, another participant turns the stem of a watch.  The 2 hours match. Nothing is written.
Freud would be Proud: A no palm thought of card to pocket with a logical presentation and easy mechanics.
Rune Toss: Predict the selected rune symbol in a ritualistic way.
Solar: Propless Mindreading and a memorable entertaining visualization
3 Moments in Time: Triple mental wonder with an interesting theme.
Visual Mindreading: Pendulum and a visual metaphor about mindreading.
2 Thoughts: Conscious and Unconscious thoughts are used to create psychic wonders
Lucky Coin: A simple and impressive piece of prophecy with a borrowed coin
Billet Master: A full billet peek and routine that works perfectly.

Chapter II: Anywhere Techniques

Palm Vein Suggestion: Hallucination made easy! Let your participant see strange things appear in his own palm
Third Eye Suggestion: The participant feels his third eye and opens their consciousness before any mental connection.
Materialized Thought Suggestion: Let participant will feel his thought move from his mind to your mind.
Open Hand Bend: A technique to achieve a bend in any cutlery.
Anywhere Dermovisionist: Just with 2 borrowed business cards, read minds like anyone!
Impromptu Peek Device: Construct, in an impromptu way,  a method to read minds in a casual and unplanned manner.

Your book has some really good stuff 
in it!
Millard Longman

Anywhere Mentalism has some really exceptional material inside his pages 
Bill Montana

Pablo has create some startling new effects, taking inspirations from many of the greats and adding a touch of psychological genius to each one to make it his own. Look out for anything this guy releases as its sure to be a big hit!
Art Vanderlay

In this book Pablo has some "gems" that are really worth I think
the price of the entire book.
The palm veins is a great piece and if is done as hypnosis suggestion followed from a mindreading routine can be very strong.
Also the pendulum routine is something that I really liked.
Luca Volpe

Pablo AmirĂ¡ has concocted some truly lovely and meaningful magic in this book! I'm impressed!
Ben Harris

This is a wonderful work by a very clever mentalist, a performer,
one that knows what it is needed to be on stage and perform for a
real audience.I truly recommend to all of you this book

I really like “Billet Master”. It's a wonderful idea that made a certain area of mentalism much more workable for me.
Highly recommended!
Ben Salinas

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